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We strive to have one of the best blogs on the internet where small business owners can come to learn. We cover topics like

  • Social Media
  • Brand Management
  • Online Tools
  • Case Studies
  • Leadership
  • More +

Essentially, any topic you think a small business owner would care about belongs on JJUMPP’s blog. Think you’ve got an idea? Read through the following steps, suggestions, and guidelines to see if it’s the right platform for your post.

Before anything else, read other blogs on our website to see the general audience and topic ideas. You don’t have to mimic the style, but if your post doesn’t fit our overall image, we probably won’t publish it.


  1. At least 500 words. Anything shorter will struggle to pick up attention on search algorithms.
  2. Written around a keyword and containing the keyword in the title. Again, this will increase the organic traffic of your post.
  3. Must be original content. Changing a few words or a header from another post you’ve written won’t suffice. We’ll double check before posting an article ensure originality.
  4. Cannot be promotional for a company or a product. However, we will allow 1 backlink to a page of your choice. The best practice would be a naturally occurring link to a related post or page. We’re also happy to link back to your personal website.
  5. This goes without saying, but we’re most interested in quality content. That means both in content and grammar. Poorly written or error ridden posts will not be considered.

Those 5 requirements shouldn’t restrict your ability to create an engaging blog post. Now, here’s a little more motivation to create good content as a guest for JJUMPP.

  1. Like we said, we’ll allow 1 backlink. That’s an instant SEO benefit for your business or blog.
  2. There is strong potential to have your post featured on our social media including, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  3. An active and growing base of small business owners read and trust the JJUMPP blog. It’s a specific audience for you to target.

Now finally, here’s some of the best practices and topics that business owners enjoy on the JJUMPP blog.

  1. Result based posts. Posts that focus on actual application and analysis of a given topic attract the most attention. For example, one of our most read posts discusses a social media campaign we ran with details like budget, target audience, and the ROI.
  2. Case studies. If you have a keen eye for noticing great business practices or mistakes in other businesses, our audience values the insight and lesson. As an example, we posted about KFC’s rebranding strategy and another about Olive Gardens attempt to improve the quality of their food. Both ranked well on Google and gave valuable insight into another business.
  3. Personal experience. Like results or case studies, people want to learn from your personal experience. Though the whole post probably shouldn’t be a journal entry, relevant experience makes a topic more approachable and relatable.

There you go! Now you know a little about what works on the JJUMPP blog and the standard we expect out of guest posts. Now, fill out this form to get in touch and we’ll reach out to you if it looks like a good fit.

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