LinkedIn has been a top social platform for the working class for years. Many people have a personal profile listed for networking and employment opportunities. But, LinkedIn can be a highly beneficial channel for your small business, too. In fact, LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the most important social platform for B2B marketers.


There are currently 146 million LinkedIn users in the U.S., and 526 million users worldwide. That’s a large audience you don’t want to ignore. Tapping into all those people can be a great way to grow your brand awareness and sales. With your company profile, you can quickly tell your story and explain what you do and what problems you solve.

LinkedIn can also be useful for SEO purposes, as a thorough profile page will show up well in searches and is generally seen as a highly trustworthy source of information about a company. PRO TIP: LinkedIn opened the floodgates with Linkedin video, you can capture a ton more traffic by putting a socially optimized video into your Linkedin B2B marketing mix.



Employee networks—Ask your employees to add your company to their LinkedIn profiles. According to LinkedIn, employees have 10 times more 1st-degree connections on LinkedIn than a company has followers. Adding your business to their profiles can provide great awareness. And if it wasn’t already obvious, LinkedIn is a great tool for recruitment. You can see a list of current Job Openings at JUMP on our company profile here.


Insightful analytics—You can get great insights into your audience with LinkedIn’s content analytics. You can see who likes your content, where they work, what area they live in, what positions they fill, and where they found your post. This analytics can help guide your content strategy for the site.


Blogging platform—LinkedIn now offers a publishing platform that’s easy to use and could help attract attention to your business. As LinkedIn’s popularity grows, you may want to consider the platform as a viable place to create and share original content.


While LinkedIn is great for B2B marketing, there’s also room for B2C content. You can talk about your long-term vision, your social responsibility, and your products or services. You can share your employees’ successes (what better platform to highlight their importance to your company). Any articles, videos, or other pertinent content should be fair game if it follows your overall strategy.


LinkedIn can be a great place for your CEO (or another corporate executive) to reach out to your audience. It’s the third most commonly used social network for business owners, according to a 2015 Salesforce report. Frequent and useful content can help establish your CEO (and your business) as a thought leader in your industry. If your CEO is too busy to post, you can even have someone ghostwrite for him/her (with their approval, of course).  


Most business owners don’t realize how much business they lose every day because of weak search engine results, online reviews, and social media. We’ve developed a software platform that makes it easy for anyone to improve their online presence and get more customers.

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