JUMP’S culture is the reason why we’re here today. I think a company that is built to last is built around a culture that lasts. Defining culture can be difficult, especially when the task at hand is to help everyone understand what that particular culture means for the company, as a unified group. Our company needs to move together and that’s why we’ve tried to create ways for our employees define our core values and live them easier.  

There’s a stereotype around tech companies that culture means free cereal and ping pong, and you know, colorful chairs and all that kind of stuff. Which isn’t a bad thing, in fact, we have a lot of those things at JUMP. But what’s most important is that we strive for building a work community whose culture is based around the company’s vision. We want a fun environment where everybody feels okay to play spike-ball and take a sick day,  and we also want an environment that nurtures our overall vision and hopes for the future of the business. Our culture is ultimately based on the impact we want to have with our customers, employees, and partnerships.

The trick is getting everyone on the same page naturally and allowing everyone to fall into line with our vision because it “feels right”.  I believe that company culture will attract the right individuals to come into this business. When we have that kind of clarity and we attract the right people, the team can work more cohesively and obtain our targeted company goals more easily.

I like to think that JUMP culture is made up entirely of our vision and the vision is made up of our purpose, our values, and our mission. Our purpose is to empower small businesses. Our mission is to bring our software to a high quantity of small businesses and we readdress that mission as we go along. The mission is the “We know where we’re going” and our core values are “how we do it.” Our core values represent how we behave and how we’re going to achieve our mission and we never veer from those values.


A few examples of our core values include, “fast is better than slow,” meaning that if you think you can accomplish something in seven days, ask yourself,  “can I do it in three?” Another is, “We are in the people business.” Internally and externally, we believe in people, we believe in their businesses, and we believe in their growth as individuals. The values that we’ve put together act as our constitution, they guide us and help us understand the impact our behavior creates.

I think that it all comes down to how we’ve chosen to work together and motivate each other that molds our company culture. As we continue to define our values and move together culture is consequential. I think that’s what has gotten us to this point. Our culture is our GPS, keeping our company on the right path, while our amazing and capable staff drive to our success!

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