If you’re with a small business, you might be looking for ways to extend your awareness. And, you need to reach more of your audience without spending too much time or increasing your marketing budget. This is where user-generated content can really give you a boost. Check out the five following ways you can tap into user content to benefit your business.


There’s no better way to promote your product or service than through a happy customer. This can be as simple as sending a follow-up email after a customer has made a purchase. Invite them to share their feedback via reply or ask them to post about their experience on your social pages. PRO TIP: With JUMP you can generate reviews from customers you choose and send them a review text request directly to their phone. The great thing is if they are already logged into google or facebook it will go directly to that platform. Making review generation easy as pie.


Once you have some brand evangelists on your side, make sure to repost their enthusiastic reviews or content through your own social channels. These testimonials are especially effective with millennials, as 50 percent of them trust user-generated content over more traditional media.

PRO TIP: Reposts can create massive amounts of traffic when you partner with influencers. An added benefit is that many of the influencers you reach out to will be much more affordable than a television commercial or billboard ad. Plus they are trusted in their audiences and can bring your message to a new group of qualified leads.


Another great way to generate content from your customers is through a contest. Major brands have had significant success with competitions featuring original content from their customers (notably Doritos and their Super Bowl ad contest). This can be a great way to get your customers involved while also providing an incentive for them to participate.The other awesome thing about contests is that it is an easy way for you to capture an email. PRO TIP: Email is awesome because you own it. See, when your on a social channel you are actually just renting space and don’t get to own the contacts or followers you gather. The algorithms control who sees your content, what they see, and  what goes on with your following in the background. When you personally collect emails, you get to control what happens with those emails, how you use them, who sees what, and how many contacts of your list see what you are emailing them.  Unless a person opts out of your email list you get full control over your campaigns. Contests are great for building a subscription list and creating buzz for events you may be having.


Asking guest contributors to write articles for your blog can also be a simple way to add content to your pipeline for very little personal effort. You’ll likely want to hand-select these contributors, but that will come with the added benefit that you can request whatever topic you wish. Its a win win win. 1. The Contributor gets a platform to write from 2. You get a great new piece of content to share. 3. The readers get some awesome new content to view. PRO TIP: Remember to first think about relationships over business transactions and you will be surprised how effective your marketing efforts will be. Earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg said that the Facebook algorithm was going to change, he said, “I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping people find relevant content to helping people have more meaningful  social interactions.” So working with other contributors will help you create an organically focused community.



We’re visual creatures, so a great way to promote your business is through crowd-sourced photos. You can create a gallery on your site of customers using your product. Or, if you offer a service or software that’s not necessarily photogenic, you can always ask for photos of what your customers are able to do with the time you’ve saved them. There are definitely multiple avenues for utilizing photo content. At Jump, we love this because we know that our platform saves our customers heaps of time. We love seeing photos of our customers with their families, and friends doing extracurricular activities with them with all the time they are saving. In the social media tab of our platform, you can schedule your social posts and have them syndicate to your favorite platforms when you desire. Then you can save your posts in a media library so you can use them again. PRO TIP: Its okay to use a post more than once, in fact, if your post gets a lot of traction, we suggest using it again at a future date. Beshides chances are you will pick up more traction the second and third time around.


We’ve listed just a handful of options when it comes to leveraging user-generated content. Hopefully you’ve seen how this can help benefit your small business with limited effort on your part, or perhaps you’ve been inspired to feature user content through some other means we didn’t cover. If so we’d love to hear about it! Share your thoughts with us!


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