Social platforms for content creators are constantly changing. With so many options coming and going, it can be difficult to know if you should jump on board with a particular new offering, such as IGTV. We’ll help break down a few positives and negatives to help you determine if IGTV is right for you.



It’s new. One of the best reasons to release content on IGTV right now is that it’s a brand-new channel. That means your content has a better chance of being discovered since there are fewer pieces of content to contend with. One thing is for sure, new platforms always give you an opportunity to get creative and that can be an awesome thing if your in a slump.


It’s relevant. Viewers are looking for more in-depth and longer content. Previously, Instagram users could post up to 60-second videos. With IGTV, users can now post videos up to 10 minutes long. And, if you have a following of 10,000 or more, you can post videos that last up to a full hour.


It’s easy. All you need to create content for IGTV is your phone. No need for professional equipment or a studio setup. In fact, Instagram itself reports that younger viewers are spending more time with amateur content creators than they are with professionals. Another feature that is different than instagram native posts is that when you upload a video to the IGTV platform, you can include links in the video description, which means you can link, to products, or landing pages, or whatever your heart desires.




It’s new. True, we already said that being new is a positive thing. However, there are potential negatives to consider as well. The channel is so new that the jury is still out on whether or not it will be a successful avenue for content creators, or whether or not it can upend existing behemoths like YouTube. Our guess is that it won’t go anywhere especially if you use it as a requirement for influencer campaigns and tell influencers to create more video content, product reviews, demos, promos of how your product fits in with their day-to-day lives. However just in case…


It’s ad-free. For viewers, this is a definite benefit. However, we’ve already seen what happens when a platform like Vine has no consistent revenue for content creators—it dies. Sure, it was great for audience engagement. But, the fact that content creators couldn’t make any money led them to jump ship and ultimately added to Vine’s timely demise. Instagram execs have said monetization is coming by year’s end, but how it will function is unknown. Therefore get on and get on now! So you won’t have to fight the bombardment of corporate take over.


It’s hard. Okay, you probably think we’re just trolling you at this point. We already said IGTV was easy—and it is, when it comes to creating content. But, what’s hard is figuring out a strategic plan for how IGTV can help boost your business or your brand. So far, it’s not exactly clear how this new channel will fit into your content mix. BUT here are a few ways we thought of 1. Use links in the video descriptions. 2. Require it for influencer programs. 3. Get super creative and share it everywhere.



We’d love to be able to tell you whether or not IGTV is a definitive hit or miss. Unfortunately, it’s just not clear at this point. However, If you’re feeling adventurous and want to be on the forefront with your content, we say give it a shot. After all, Instagram proper is a hit already, with a billion-strong following just waiting to be tapped into. Besides that you can guarantee that search engines will pick up on your efforts to create new content and give you some positive pings in terms of authenticity.


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